Induction and Staff Training

OHS Induction Training

Under Section 21(2)(e) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act  Principal Asset Services Pty Ltd. must provide adequate information, instruction, training, and supervision to employees so that they can work in a way that is safe and without risks to health.  Note that this duty is NOT limited by ‘so far as is reasonably practicable’ – it is an absolute duty, Therfor Principal Asset Services take this matter seriously, and is mandatory for all Staff members and contractors to complete the 11 reading section below & will be required to sign off.

Principal Asset Services must therefore ensure that all new workers – whether newly employed or new to the work site, including contractors – are provided with training, sometimes referred to as ‘Induction Training’.  There are a number of topics that need to go into a general OHS induction session:

  • OHS Legislation: Overview of the OHS Act, including duties of all parties; consultative arrangements (the OHS reps and the committees); key regulations and codes of practice (those which are most relevant for your workplace)
  • workplace policies and procedures (including the bullying/harassment policy; procedures to report hazards, incidents, injuries, and near misses; equal opportunity; hazardous substances; etc)
  • what are the Designated Work Groups and who are the OHS reps are
  • major potential hazards in the workplace, potential effects, how to identify them, and how they are controlled in the workplace
  • first aid arrangements, including who the first aiders are
  • emergency evacuation procedures
  • brief workers’ comp and rehab rights

Use this induction page checklist to see if you have covered everything in your induction. Please read each section as you will be required to sign off before starting your 1st shift.

Induction sign-off sheet

1 -1.0 Who is PAS Introduction

2- 1.1 Cleaning Induction

3 -1.2 OHS Training Presentation

4 -1.3 Safety Induction Presentation

5 – 1.4 Chemical Training

6- Employee and or Contractor Handbook

7 – SDS & PPE Safety Manual

8 – Incident Reporting Procedure

9 – PAS Main Standard-Operating-Procedures

10 Manual Handling Training

10.a – Preventing Slips Trips Falls